Wall and ceiling opening

Our strengths are above all in wall and ceiling openings with steel structure installation.

We are highly specialized in this area, which makes us unique in Munich and the surrounding area.

Where are wall penetrations needed – and what should you watch out for?

If doors, windows or stairs are to be retrofitted into a wall or ceiling or if part of a wall or ceiling is to be removed for other reasons, a wall opening must be made.

The most important criteria to pay attention to is whether it is a load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall or ceiling.

Load-bearing walls must not be removed easily. In the worst case, there is an acute risk of the building collapsing.

Construction process

Before wall penetration, a structural engineer who will calculate the structural conditions must be consulted.
In some cases, the statics and construction plan of the house from the construction phase are sufficient, in other cases it is necessary for the structural engineer to look directly at the situation on site.

He then specifies exactly where and how to penetrate the wall and how the support should be carried out.

As a rule, steel girders are used to bridge the wall penetration.

The structural engineer specifies in detail which steel quality and thickness must be used and how the supports are to be designed.

It is then not permitted to deviate from these specifications in order not to endanger the overall stability of the building.

Load-bearing or non load-bearing wall?

In practice, it is always problematic that one cannot say at first glance with certainty which walls are load-bearing or non load-bearing.

Tragende Wände sind nicht immer ausschließlich die Außenwände eines Gebäudes – sie werden in der Bauplanung oft auch im Hausinneren gesetzt.

Load-bearing walls are not always the outer walls of a building. They are often placed inside the house in the planning phase.

In multi-storey buildings in particular, this would have dramatic consequences if one of these walls lost part of its load-bearing capacity due to wall penetration.

360 Bau GmbH – Antwort auf allen Fragen

Do not worry, we are there for you as experts!

If you engage us, you get professional:

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • 3D visualization
  • Static calculation
  • Wall penetration
  • Window / door / stairs manufacturing
  • Window / door / stairs installation
  • Preparation/production of the reveal
  • Paintwork
  • Handover of the product

There are not many companies in Germany which are specialized in wall penetrations. For this reason, we work for you nationwide!

Our detailed references speak for us. Let yourself be inspired and benefit from our highly specialized company.

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